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Keyboard shortcuts

Move piece to the right Right arrow | 6 num key
Move piece to the left Left arrow | 4 num key
Rotate pieceUp arrow* | 8 num key*
Rotate piece counterclockwiseZ key
Rotate piece clockwise X key
Speedup piece drop Down key | 2 num key
Direct fall Spacebar | 0 num key
Pause the game P key | 7 num key
Restart game o start a new quick game N key | 9 num key

* Direction according to user settings


Version 2.3.7
All online features have been removed.
Multi language system now works on file:/// routes.
AppCache is no longer needed.
Analytics and advertising code have been removed.

Deleted from Chrome Store by legal complaint from Tetris Holding LLC (6 Oct 2018). 🙁

Version 2.3.6
New hosting provider.
Supporting HTTPS for AppCache (https://goo.gl/rStTGz).
This removes saved games (thanks Google 🙁).

Version 2.3.5
Fix for issue 31.

Version 2.3.4
Quick fix to the leveling error! I could not delay it to the next version... :-)

Version 2.3.3
Fix of important last week bug with new bumxu server schema, sorry gamers.
Merry christmas!

Version 2.3.2
Collision system redone (now the game is "inbugeable" lol).
Loading performance opmimization.

Version 2.3.1
Improvements and bugfixes.
Default direction of rotation option in preferences panel.
Different sets of pieces.
Portuguese available again.
Try to fix an unusual error on first load.

Version 2.3.0
Numerous improvements and bugfixes.
New customized game panel finished.
Deep review of the user interface.
Review of the changelog.

Deleted from Chrome Store by user complaints :-(

Version 2.2.0
New customized game panel in beta.
Smart preload system.
Recover saved games.
Fixed: No pause on Internet Explorer.
Fixed: With the game finished, speed up key still works. XD

Version 2.1.0
Game box size variable.

Version 2.0.8
Released documentation in English.
Images perloader added.
"New game" without reload the application & keyboard shourcuts.
Conversion to OOP.
Autoresize improved.
Direct fall of pieces with the spacebar key.

Version 2.0.6
Next piece box enabled.

Version 2.0.5
New score system.
Fixed minor bugs with the keyboard control.

Version 2
Programmed from scratch.
Highly optimized.
Completely integrated with site interface.
Core separated from rendering, optimized for HTML5 but with classic mode available.
In studing failures of the previous version.
Interface an game board dinamicaly adaptable whit resolution up to 1000 x 600 (netbooks, tablets).

Future features
Personalised game modes.
Adjustable levels.
Touch mouse controls.
New translations soon

Fails & faults
Anything! =D


Progamming, design and documentation Juande Martos
Performance testing and extreme ideas Juanjo Riado, Jorge Martín

With the help of...
Speeding up user interface jQuery
Scores referencehttp://goo.gl/sJAff